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Welcome to the Continent of Pherae!

Pherae is the overall setting for our campaign. The government is ,colllectively, referred to as the Organized Provinces of Pherae or the OPP. It consist of 5 States, and a 6th, unsettled area.

The states split into two when the industrialized nation of Crimea broke off with the agrarian state of Laus and decided to form their own independent state. The break was primarily brought on by disagreements over how the other states were using resources produced by Crimea and Laus, who were to unite to form the Greater Crimean Empire.

The 5 nations, briefly,

Ostia- The Capital of the OPP. Known for its political clout and its adherence to tradition. Ruled over by Lord Hector Ostia( LN). Known for its efficient bureaucracy and home to the great universities of the OPP, excluding the military colleges.

Zeltennia- Known most for its Magic City of Gariland, this nation is responsible for the magical developments of the nation. Also, the location of the main settlements of the gnomes with the OPP. Very secretive, almost wasnt involved in the war, with the exception of its war magic college. Aside from Gariland, it is the 2nd most religious province and is primarily rural and agrarian.

Karsh- Known for its military Colleges, ruthless tactics, and , due to the war, its new and improved more efficient industry center. Very spartan in nature.

Laus: Religious and Agrarian capital of the OPP. It is home to the center of Worship to The Sun King. Led by His Holiness Reginald R. Paul. Torched by scorched Earth warfareduring the rebellion, many of its citizens are leaving for the East.

East: Wild, unsettled, inhabited by natives. The settlements that are out here from the West are primarily settled by former Crimeans and Lausite yeoman farmers just attempting to eek out a living. A low Priority on Ostia’s law enforcement, still attempting to rebuild the devastated Laus and Crimean territories. More information on the war will be found here,eventually.

Our heroes have all arrived at the major trading hub of the East, Winchester, where rule of law is non-existent, simple farmers and ranchers live in fear of their fellow settler, in addition to the sometimes hostile natives. And our heroes, if you can call them that, have to decide what their role will be.

Can they bring peace to the East? Can they survive? Will they become kings of the East, or simple footnotes on history, dust on the lens of something much greater. Are they the heroes of the stories, or villains?

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